Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Workbench

I have been wanting a proper workbench for doing all of my electronics and robotics stuff. I have a workbench down in the garage, but that is not really convenient for soldering and working with my robots. It's more for doing woodwork and working on messy garage stuff. So anyway, recently I discovered Harbor Freight, and this pretty cool workbench was on sale for $99.99. I bought two. :)

Today I spent most of the day clearing out the area where they are going and building one of them. As soon as it was done I loaded it up with stuff and took a picture. The second one will go right next to it on the left side. I'll be putting a computer setup on the that one so I can hook up my PropScope, and also use it to download code into my robots.
When I first opened the box and inspected the parts I was a little worried because the metal parts didn't seem very sturdy, but once I got the thing built it was surprisingly sturdy. The drawers also work nicely too. This thing is pretty cool for the price.