Saturday, March 26, 2011

Star Wars Legos & Stuff

Someone wanted to see my Star Wars Lego stuff. So here's a few pics:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

555 Contest Entry (fixed)

I rearranged the wiring a little, and added caps at every score trigger circuit input. That fixed the noise problem enough that I was able to re-enable the drop target reset feature and the pop bumper scoring.

I made a new video (I hope it's acceptable to update this and it counts.):

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

555 Contest Entry

For the 555 contest, I have made a pinball machine. Sadly I ran out of time before I could get everything in and working. I do have the SiniScore 555 and several elements on the playfield work. Previous blog entries detail the build. Here is a picture of the playfield as it is right now:
Also, here are the latest schematic images:

Here's a picture of the breadboards with the above circuits:
It uses 13 555s in that configuration. The final version if I had gotten everything in and working would have used about 25 of them for the main functionality, and a dozen or so more for the LED lighting (flashers and such) and sound effects.

Here is a short video showing what I have working:


I decided to stop putting more stuff on the playfield until I got what I had on there actually working with the proper power supply, and hooked up to SiniScore 555.

I've wired up the roll-over switches, the stand-up targets, the drop targets, and the one pop bumper. I've done basic test with each, and I have the stand-ups and roll-overs going through the merger board into SiniScore 555 and working with the proper PSUs. I still need to build the trigger circuits for the drop targets and hook up a drop target reset trigger. Also need to connect everything together so I can actually try playing it.

I am determined to enter something. It won't be what I had hoped, but hey, it's something.