Friday, April 25, 2008

Sam inspired me to share...

So one of the "creative" things I try to do is write. Mostly in the form of poems. This is one I wrote a long time ago. It's one I kinda like (which is rare for me, I usually hate everything I write).

Reality Is Insanity

in a world centered on itself
in a place where everyone lives for number one

i want to live for you
i want to give to you
i want my insanity to be your reality
i want my reality to be your insanity

in your insanity i am real
in your insanity i have life

think beyond the confines of sanity
imagine your way outside of the fabric of reality
that is where i will be

Sam is in the links on the side as Lastly First

1 comment:

Permanent Grip said...

good stuff man. i truly enjoyed this read. the reality/insanity combination really works good for me, both in concept and in how they verbally sound together. ya got me wanting to check in on this now. be on the look out for more comments from me buddy!!!