Saturday, March 6, 2010

The wood platform robot is alive!

I finally got the wood platform robot running today. This is an picture of the top of it. You can see the 10 PING))) sensors, the 20x4 LCD display, and I have a 7.2v R/C car battery powering the MSR1 board.

Here's the bottom. You can see the 2 HB-25 motor controllers and the 12v battery that is powering the motors. I'm currently holding the 12v battery in place with a large zip-tie, but I want to figure out something better.

I put a video of the first run of this robot on youtube here.

So, I have been slacking a bit on updates here. Part of it is because it's rained the last 2 weekends so I couldn't work on the backyard project, and I haven't done as much on the chainmail as I would like so I didn't want to do an update with only a little more on it. I have also been working on a new project (CNC machine) that I will post an update on tomorrow.

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rhickman said...

Do you know how to control the kit from something like an Arduino? Your robot looks neat and I wonder what other boards would work for it.