Monday, February 21, 2011

5x 555s, 4x 4017s, 6x 4066s, and 4 Servos = SiniScore 555

Each servo is driven by a 555 circuit, but with a twist. Instead of a POT controlling the servo position, I have 5 resisters that position the servo appropriately. The resisters are "selected" via a 4066 and 4017 circuit. The 4017 outputs drive the 4066 switches to feed power through one of the resisters going into the 555 circuit.
Each 4017 is setup to reset itself on the 5th count, that count also clocks the next 4017. The first 4017's clock is driven from a series of 74HC32 (quad or gates) which has all the switches feeding them.

The 5th 555 circuit is setup as a simple monostable circuit that when triggered goes through a 4066 to reset all of the 4017s. This allows me to reset the score at the start of a new game or at power up.

If I have time this will all go onto a proto board PCB (or maybe a couple). Hopefully, it's okay if some of my circuits are still on breadboards for the 555 contest.

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