Saturday, February 19, 2011

And we have flippers!

 I have started mounting parts to my pinball play field. Below you can see that I have the flippers on there and the in-lane guides. There's also a view of the bottom showing the flipper solenoids and such. Next, I'll be putting the outside walls and the shooter lane wall on, and then the slingshots and ball trough. 

I also have been working on my scoring circuit. This is only 1 stage of it plus the beginning of the second stage. The first small chip is a 555, the next two are 4017s (decade counters), and the last one is a 74HC32 (quad or gate). The switch inputs from the play field will go through the or gates and trigger the clock line of one of the 4017s. Then the output of the 4017 is going through some "glue" then into the 555 which will control a display element. I'll have a 555 and 4017 for each display stage, and as many 74HC32s as I need to get all play field switches connected. Once I have this working as intended, I'll post the schematic.

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