Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pounding and moving rocks.

So the stuff in my previous update was actually from yesterday. I just didn't post it until today. Here is the stuff I did today in the backyard.

Here is the landing cleared of rocks. There were just loose rocks mostly, so I just had to move them. A lot of them will be used for making the steps between here and the upper area.

Here you can see where I moved the rocks from the landing to. Also up there above is where I'll be placing the first solar panels. It's hard to see, but the edge of my property and the top of the hill are right at the top of this picture. I'll be building a wooden frame to put the panels onto that will have them up about 3-4 feet off the ground. That will make it so they will have clear sky all around them to get the most hours of sun hitting them.

Sorry for this crappy picture. This is where I had to do a lot of pounding on the rocks to get them loose. If you look at the pictures in the previous update you can see what this used to look like. Again, most of these now loose rocks will be used to make the steps that will be going here.

I was able to climb up to the upper area, and this is a view looking down from there. You can kind of see the two semi flat areas where I have cleared and pounded rocks. This also gives a sense of how steep the slope is. There is still about 10 more feet going up behind me.

This is taken from the same spot as the previous picture. Looking at the back of my house. This is still looking down a little. If I look straight out I am about eye level with the very top part of my that skylight on my roof (two story house + about 3 feet for that skylight).

I couldn't get a decent picture from here of where the solar panels will go, but I'll get one another time when it's daytime.

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