Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Solar USB Charger

So I was watching all of Jaimie's video about making a Giant Robot and other stuff (see the Jamius.com link in the sidebar) and he has a video about how to make a solar USB charger. The very same day that I saw that video, woot.com was having a wootoff and I happened to get some Coleman solar panel thingies that are meant for keeping your car battery charged. They were only $12.99 each, and they are 100mA and 15 volts.

I followed Jainie's instructions, and made my own USB charger. It only took 15 minutes. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of everything before I started, and since I have some heat shrink tube covering the soldered bits, you can't see how it is wired. Just watch the video linked above.

This is the finished USB charger.

Closeup of the part I made (7805 regulator and USB connector).

I tested it out on my cell phone and my iPod and it worked for both. So rad, and so easy!

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